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2 years ago

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We have been swinging for about 8 years, they begin to fantasize about it with us, me with other men, which made ​​us both in one day, said Louis imagination can put into action, which took a little convincing, but once started to swing, it was great, as he played Luis never sees other men and then told the whole story shit was awarded the way back to our sex life, my partner and I were married mporn 3 years age, who wore a white point of the shoulder, just enough products in my neck, I feel so sexy and I could not wait for Louis to go to bed, it was a fantastic day, although it was very hot and danced in both the night and it mporn was the happiest girl in the world, said Luis, who was too hot to dance anymore, so I went to talk to their friends in the bar, went a little bit of fresh air that I felt a little drunk, I put a cigarette when I have a voice that said, how beautiful I've heard, seen, I turned around and saw that it was Jerry 's brother, Luis, I said thank you, we ask chattING and was openly flirting with me, saying that luck Louis was mporn and what he wanted, he hit me first, which had always thought Jerry, Luis knew and often went out of my brain damn fantasize instead Jerrys Jerry flirt me and I could feel my pussy wet, that if the girlfriend said yes and went to kiss his cheek, he said, he put his hand on my face and pulled my head and kissed her lips he mporn put his hands on my ass and pulled me toward him, I could feel his hard cock, I tried to mporn walk away when he gently put his tongue in my mouth i tried to pull away, but he took him, his kiss was so good that I could feel the answer, he ran his hand over mine site and pushed tit means, he said, he had great tits and I like, look like you're really on, it took me a kiss and left side of the club, I pushed against the wall and he was always dressed, had great tits and how in turned in which he was, asked me, I could not believe his penis, how mporn big was the feeling that he opened his pants and his cock was standing, he put his hands around it and asked me to straw, spent their hands on the side of my dress and lifted it up, opened my legs and started playing with my clit, I reached down and pushed his cock my head, I gave him a blowjob, he turned and began to finger my pussy first one finger, then two, until he had four fingers in my pussy wet, fingers me until I have a few seconds later it was cum cum in my mouth his cum dripping all over my face, my cum dripping my I asked one leg tissue, but he said he had tried to wipe his cum on my face, kissed me again and went back to my wedding with the taste of his cum in my mouth and my cum as I walked my legs were in Jerry asked me to dance a slow song and I was worried mporn when I could smell his semen brothers mporn

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